Royalton Memorial Library January Minutes

Royalton Memorial Library

January 5, 2021

Attending: Bridgett Taylor, Steve Hall, John Dumville, Tyler Strong, Phoebe Rhoda, Ian Devine, Fran Flannery, Pam Lavasseur.  Not attending: Dena Wilkie

Called to Order:  6:00

Consent agenda: Motion by John, seconded by Fran and approved by all

Building and Staff Update:

Tyler asked Patrick for more information concerning how much benefit could be gained from a HEPA filter. He is waiting for more information.

Steve reported that prices for a flag and flag pole range from $56 to $180. He thought the best buy would be from DIY for $82.99 which includes just about everything needed except a bag of Qwikcrete for installing the pole. A motion to accept the donation for a flag and flag pole was made by Steve and seconded by Fran and approved with Steve, Fran and Ian voting yes, Phoebe voting no and Bridgett abstaining. John will speak with the selectboard for their okay.  If the donation does not cover the cost, Ian will check Amazon for a wall mount.

Senior and Community Outreach:

Tyler finished contacting the Senior Center and will meet this Friday with Mariah and other area librarians to discuss things they may be doing.

Phoebe, Fran and Tyler will meet next week to discuss starting an online book club.

Ian asked if information about library activities is available to seniors. Pam explained that everything is readily available in the VT 211 brochures and Bridgett stated that we are also linked to the town webpage. Tyler will also make sure brochures are available at the library.

Fundraising and Donations:

Tyler explained the delay with the annual appeal letters due to Spalding Press’s schedule, but that the information was updated on the library website. Pam stated that we have received some donations. 

The Name the Dragon fundraiser will be held closer to the reopening of the library. For now we could have a ballot box at the outside pick up site and Bridgett suggested putting the dragon in the window. Steve offered to help her with that.

Policies and Signatures:

    Everyone needs to come into the library to read and sign off on Library Policies.

One member of the board must stand for election at Town Meeting. A discussion ensued about who needs to do that. Bridgett will figure it out with Carmen.

Other Business:

Pam reported that the Hartland Lions Club wants to donate an outdoor Trax bench to the library. She will send the board members a picture of it. Ian made a motion to accept the bench, Phoebe seconded and it was unanimously passed with enthusiasm. We will express our gratitude to the Hartland Lions Club. 

Board meeting ended at 6:36

Executive Session began at 6:37