Royalton Memorial Library
Special Meeting to review construction addition/renovation project for RML
February 7th, 2019
Members: John Dumville, Louise Clark, Cynthia Dalrymple Theresa Manning, Pam
Guests: Jay White, Patrick Redden, Chris Noble, Larry Trottier, Theron Manning
 Cynthia called the meeting to order at 10:37 a.m.
 Project is planned as a construction management process with a not to exceed
price. The library board has been working with Upland Construction.
 Architect Jay White explained that the construction is now a type 3A, which
means that it will not need a sprinkler system. Bruce Martin & Landon Wheeler
from the VT Div. of Fire Safety told Jay that they fully support the library plans.
They requested a few safety additions to the drawings which Jay completed at a
relatively small cost. Other information given was the use of “non-combustible”
wooden studs. The weight load throughout is 150 lbs/sq ft.
 An alarm system will be needed, different types were discussed.
 Sewer line will be removed from under the building; new one will be updated
with manhole and then reconnected to the existing lines.
 Existing water lines are adequate.
 Patrick Redden gave the initial estimate at $800,000. There was discussion of
ways to lower that number. He stated that quotes for site work and heat pumps
were higher than he anticipated. Those in attendance agreed to change the heat
pump type to one similar used in the town offices which will lower the cost. The
use of a supplemental heat source, electric baseboard, for the coldest days will
remain in the plans. The gas fireplace will offer additional backup heat in main
reading room of current building.
 Continue with plan for ¾” hardwood floor in the main reading room.
 Blown insulation will be added to the attic. Louvered vents will be added to the
attic. Third floor will be used only for maintenance operations.
 Theron requested a list of exclusions from Patrick.
 Site work of sidewalks on Safford street will be scaled back because of expense
involved. Handicap parking will remain as planned at the new ground level
 Discussion about safety of fire exit on ground floor leading from new Children’s
room. Fire & Safety regs require 2 exits. Theron requested an overhang be in
place in case of ice & snow falling from roof over the exit. Jay working on design.
 Electric outlets will be near window seats & two floor outlets near the chairs
around the fireplace.
 Review of lighting fixtures.
 Larry Trottier expressed that the clerk of the works would answer to the
selectboard. The MOU will be worked out between the select board and the
library board, but that this construction project would be considered a town
 Larry stated that the vote will not take place at the selectboard meeting on the
12th as the select board will need to go into executive session. The building
specs will be delivered to Patrick in three days and he will then send out new
cost estimates.
 Jay will forward the entire document to the library & selectboard. Updated
specifications will be available on Monday prior to the selectboard meeting on
Tues., Feb 12.
Meeting was adjourned at 12:15.
Respectively submitted,
Theresa Manning
Follow up information submitted by Patrick Redden on Feb. 8th:
Job total estimate based on previous suggestions & discussion: $737,451.
More information will be available prior to the selectboard meeting on 2/12