Royalton Memorial Library Board meeting 2/4/2020

Present: Phoebe Roda, Dina Wilkie, Theresa Manning, Cynthia Darymple, Louise Clark, Bridgett Taylor, John Dumville, Tyler Stong, Pam Levasseur, Chris Demers

Meeting called to order at 6:00. Library renovation update:

Cynthia shared list of tasks/maintenance
Key box was put up today
Will need elevator key/override info from Patrick A few plaques need to be put in place

Financial update:
We reviewed estimated costs of construction vs. actual costs/remaining expenses Pam shared current statement of accounts

Grand re-opening update:
  • ●  1-3, speakers around 1:45
  • ●  Food assignments
  • ●  Will checkout desk be open? We can close during program and check out books for the

    rest of the open house
  • ●  Tyler and Phoebe will work on assignments for the event
  • ●  Needed for day of:
    • ○  Name tags
    • ○  Extra trash cans

      Makerspace policy
  • ●  Reviewed draft policy
  • ●  Cynthia moved to adopt; Bridgett seconded, adopted by voice vote
  • ●  Cynthia will update the policies and get the full documents to Chris so they can be

    formatted consistently. Chris will also make sure policies get on the new website.

    Policy review - IV, V, VI

    Cynthia recommends we update the bylaws after the new Trustees come on

    Trustee recruitment:

● We need a minimum of 5 and maximum of 7
  • ●  We will reach out to potential volunteers/trustees and gauge level of interest - Friend - Trustee
  • ●  Dena will be on the ballot in March
  • ●  Current term limit is 8 2-year terms for elected/1 year appointed (16 consecutive years)

    Director’s report:
  • ●  Open House invitations have gone out - going to librarians listserv
  • ●  Some updates on shelving
  • ●  Staff meeting held on Monday where many duties were delegated

Chris on grand opening:
  • ●  Valley News is doing a preview
  • ●  Chris has added calendar listings and will keep announcing on Facebook and Instagram
  • ●  Wishlist - Chris needs to know what and where for signs (Phoebe will work with her as

    time allows)
  • ●  Chris will be printing bookmarks with hours and a rack card with renovation history, rack

    card with upcoming programming, and one with all library services as at glance. We’ll be

    giving away small bags with new logo
  • ●  Chris will have a flyer for publicity in the morning

    Children’s room update
    • ●  Picture books no longer categorized by author, all organized by subject (Chris has

      designed signage)
    • ●  Paula and Jen were vital to this effort

      Meeting adjourned at 7:36. Louise, Cynthia and Theresa honored for their service and contributions to the building process.