RML Board Meeting April 6, 2021

Attending: Fran Flannery, Bridget Taylor, Steven Hall, Ian Devine, Tyler Strong, John Dumville, Phoebe Rhoda, Pam Levasseur, Dena Wilkie 

Called to order: 6pm

Consent Agenda: 
  • Approve director’s report & March minutes 
  • Financial Report for March and April to be delivered in May; defer approval of March financial report. 

Programming Update:
  • Planning for more In-person socially distanced activities starting June 1st (per Governor)
    • 4 major programs 1 x month, ie. Weekly + 1 x monthly event/activity  (that is “hands off” per Tyler)
    • Scavenger hunt up Kent’s ledge
  • Tails and Tales – Summer Reading Theme
    • ? duck race, boat building activities
  • Dunk the Librarian fundraiser
  • Will continue virtual programming in conjunction with in-person 
  • Bridget suggests Tyler get in touch with Royalton Rec for possible collaboration
    • Tyler plans to talk to One Planet and Red door Church as well to avoid overlapping activities
  • Pam: We have planned 13 activities so far and all but 3 of them can be in person or packed up to take home.

Building and Staff
  • Bookkeeping responsibilities discussed and two options presented by Tyler and Pam:
    • Tyler and Pam have made a list of action items for the bookkeeper position
      • $25 hr for 5 hours labor per week, 20 hours per month;  $6,000 annually 
    • OR Only payroll provider:
      • ADP; $82 per month & W2s $178 year
      • John D says Judy from the Prudential district is interested
      • May allow T & P to have a better sense of the need if we start with only bookkeeping assistance
    • Currently funds in budget for 2 part-time library assistants for 2 @$10,000 each which could be used 
    • Initially will post bookkeeper position on list servs library & local, FB, Front Porch Forum. Bridget suggested Indeed.com

  • Pam says the state says “Inside Arts” can open beginning of May
  • Dena wants the board to know she would like to reopen by apt; Steve and Phoebe “Tend to agree” Bridget cites concerns with staffing 
  • Both Fran and Steve volunteered to help staff the library if staffing concerns came up
  • Ian is against reopening citing CDC, wait to have staff to be fully vaccinated
  • Phoebe urges picking date of May 1 to open – and also suggests changing checkout procedure to avoid clustering around the checkout desk. 
  • Should reopening be dependent on vaccination of Tyler? 
    • Dena cites HIPPA and privacy concerns with this direction
  • Motion made by Dena to reopen by appt on 5/1/2021, seconded by Phoebe. Revised by Bridget to include reopen by apt unless state says otherwise; declined by Dena and Phoebe
    • Steve moves to Vote to Reopen by appt on 5/1
    • Ian votes no: 2 points of objection:  current positivity rate is 2.7%, eligibility of Tyler, would prefer we open in June
    • All in favor: Bridget, Steve, Phoebe, Fran, Dena

  • Tyler has copies of protocols for reopening by appt
    • Reviewed use of face shields/eye protection + masks 
    • Appts will be distanced by ½ hour, single family units only
    • COVID screen

Performance Review:
  • Tyler and Bridget want to lay out Performance Review Process – opened up for anyone on board to join.
  • Pam states we have a performance review policy & several performance forms (outdated per Pam).
  • Pam will provide current formats and Steven & Ian will be part of the performance process

Fundraising and donations:
  • Dena and Fran will join Tyler in fundraising subcommittee 
  • Mascoma Bank Grant suggested by Steve; Pam says they’ve received it a few times

Other Business:
  • Flagpole – location staked out by Steve
    • John D recommended placement of flag pole in the garden bed itself 
  • Pam-  bike rack needs sanding and painting– suggested using library high school volunteers 
  • Lion’s club bench ready to be dropped off. Pam will coordinate, board defers to lib staff for placement of bench. 
  • Happy Library Professional Day!! Bridget thanked staff for all they do, baked goods provided. 
  • Plug for bookclub last Wednesday of the month – going really well per Phoebe 

End 7:20pm