April 2024 Board Meeting Minutes

Called to order 6:31 pm.
Attending: Fran Flannery, Phoebe Roda, Maria Loftus, Steven Hall, Lu Aubin, Dena
Wilkie, Ed Castner, Bridget Taylor

Consent Agenda - Bridget motion to accept, second by Steve, all in favor
   a) March minutes
   b) February financial reports
   c) March Director’s report

2) Policies, staffing and procedures
    a) Election of officers -
        i) Motion to accept Fran as President, Maria nominated to be secretary,
            Phoebe to continue role as treasurer - made by Dena, second by Bridget
b) Service Policy -
         i) Motion - STeven, 2nd Ed, All in favor - to make small change to wording in
            service policy.
c) Strategic Plan revisit -
        i) Defer to May meeting
        ii) Review and focus on expanding Creativity section -

3) Fundraising and community relations
    a) Annual appeal discussion
        i) Donations down on Jan 2024 AA by almost 1⁄2
         ii) Add QR code -
        iii) Look into PayPal QR vs
            1) Venmo QR
                (a) Jessica will look into Venmo cost
        iv) Lu to make art/postcard
            1) Print some and mail to donors (need #)
        v) Will also email
        vi) Plan to mail for June
     b) May yard sale details
        i) Lu will manage customers/tables
        ii) Confirmed yes hotdogs, popcorn, baked goods, music.
        iii) Scrapped story hour - will try to have craft kits to go
    c) Film screening and book club updates - other events on deck?
        i) Went ok but some movies costly
        ii) Will plan to do more in summer
        iii) Book club is failing -
            1) Firekeeper’s Daughter
                a) 2 people
                b) Discussed ways to get the word out
                 c) Phoebe and Fran to subcommittee the book club
            2) Next book:
        iv) Summer Programming “Adventure Begins at your Library”
            1) In process
            2) Maria requesting a teddy bear sleepover
            3) Circus themed Old Home Days

4) Other business
    a) Lydia leaving -
        i) Board wants to recognize Lydia
    b) Life Death and Cake with Casey, Susan and Susan
        i) Ed will organize

Motion adjourned at 7:26 pm

Policy review schedule: (Feb: Collection Development; April: Service Policy; June:
General Operations; October: Internet Access, Art & Craft Exhibits; Revision of Policies)
Strategic plan reviewed in March