RML Board Meeting 5/4/2021

Attending: Bridgett Taylor, Tyler Strong, Ian Devine, Dena Wilkie, Steve Hall, John Dumville, Pam Levasseur,  Phoebe Roda 

Called to order: 6:06 pm 

Consent Agenda: Approved

April Minutes – requested change by Ian to indicate “I want staff to have had the opportunity to be vaccinated, as opposed to actually having them vaccinated; approved with this condition.
  • Deferred approval of March, April, financial reports as March not received. 

Officers and Directors:
  • Continue with current roles 
  • Current elected officials are Dena and Bridgett
  • Phoebe nominated Dena as secretary and Bridgett as President; second by Steve, all in favor
  • Ian nominated Phoebe to treasurer – seconded by Dena, all in favor
  • **All board members need to go to lib and sign Trustees Book**

Policy Review
  •  Phoebe sent policies  & bylaws via email; reminded board we need to continue to read and review quarterly.
  • Goal for reviewing the first 2 sections of the policies by next meeting –resent to board during meeting and Ian reminded board it’s also on website.

Building and Staffing
  • Bookkeeping vs. Payroll:  
    • payroll software 
      • Compucount – can’t talk with Tyler until June. 
      • ADP $41.90 bi-weekly for payroll + annual w2s $66
      • Pam estimates this will save her 4-5 hours a month
    • Pam will still need to balance the accounts as No viable option for bookkeeping position at this point 
  • Motion for Tyler to contract with ADP contingent on month to month commitment and allowing that we can get our info back. Seconded by Steve – all in favor

  • Ian sent a suggestion for tiered reopening; once we are open fully continue to include a day of appt only, continue curbside indefinitely
  • Motion: Starting June 1 we would be fully open 3 days, 2 days by appt, cont. curbside indefinitely – ALL in favor
  • Tyler given latitude to address excessive loitering in library if problematic
  • Revisit hours and times in the fall once we’ve been open for a while 

Performance Review

  • Steve explains performance reviews he has been working on with collaboration with Tyler
  • To include (?) Quarterly self-assessment of staff
  • Review of library (how are we meeting our community needs) possibly by board members, volunteers, etc.  
    • May include looking at financial and director reports
  • Deferred making a motion to discuss further with plan to discuss next month – Board members encouraged to consider the plan further and get feedback/thoughts to Steven

  • Dena presented CaféPress items – 
    • Bumper sticker, car magnet, tote bag, small mug
    • Look into pens/pencils
    • Plan to spend $100 to have items IN the library
  • Restaurant collaboration
    • One month commitment to pick a day (what works best for them), and time (again what time they are usually slow) and they would contribute 20%  (ideally!) of the items sold during that time.
  • Better World.org – Dena beginning to explore options for use as a fundraiser platform for online auction
    • Pam will look up online auction website that RML has used in the past
    • Pam, Bridgett and Dena will be an ‘adhoc’ fundraising subcommittee for online auction
  • “Little Blue” – Tyler wants to take out to the Green on Thursdays during Farmer’s Market
    • Books By donation 
    • Tyler organizing volunteers 

Other ITEMS:
  • Flagpole is here – Steve has the tools and is willing to do, requests help from anyone else… (Tyler to send out an email once date set)
  • Discussion around how to secure Lion’s club Bench & picnic table
  • New letter board – Pam has been looking into, possibly purchasing this week?
  • Dena thanked Tyler for including grants he’s applied to into the director’s report
  • Old Home Days –  8/27-8/28
    • Lots of work to be done, next planning meeting 5/19/21 via ZOOM.

Meeting adjourned at 7:33 pm