1. PPE a. All are wearing the proper PPE
2. Not leaving tools and construction material around job site

a. No problems. Clean and Organized

1. Walls being framed

2. Floor being framed
3. Raining but interior walls and strapping being done in existing Ground Floor 4. Rain stopped: go outside to do floor sheathing and wall plate layout
5. Have a heat plan today: NOT COMPLETE (OPTIONS BELOW)

a. Keep the same Higher Amp Heat Pump system and Electric Baseboard. Increase Electric Service (Price Increase)

b. Rinaai backup heat, no more electric baseboard. Higher Amp Heat Pump system and Rinaai Backup. Increase for Rinaai and still need larger Electric Service. (Price Increase) But Savings to run, because Electric is low cost to install but higher cost to run.

c. Lower amp heat pump system and Rinaai backup. Keep original Electric Service, (Lower Cost, no price increase) No Distribution Box with the Lower Amp Heat Pump System = more lines run outside not attractive not meet with historical preservation for the heat. Maybe go back to 3 phase

d. 3 phase option seems more complicated

e. Prices Next week 7. UPLAND WILL PROVIDE A Price by Next Week June.18.2019

8. Updated Invoice Library/ Town Separation
a. Jay will update, tomorrow, with a separate schedule of values for

Library cost. For purpose of grant reimbursement to Library 9. Jay sent out new window specs to Patrick and Ezra

a. Couple questions Jay and Patrick need to answer manufacturer. DONE

b. New Price to come NEXT WEEK 10. 3-4 Upland Construction on site

1. Email from Jay about Fire Alarm, Lights and Fan

a. Fans cannot be within 5’ of smoke detectors

b. Take 2 fans out (Code Violation) replace with one with 5’ diameter and remote controlled no switch wiring required for the fan (Option to look at)

c. Take out knob and tube wiring: either have to rewire existing lights or replace with new Type B lights (Option to look at)

d. Fire Marshal require that Jay put on plans exact locations for existing locations that were already in the contract


1. OK UPLAND CONSTRUCTION Exterior signage with donors displayed. HUD up but not the big sign

a. Still to complete (Patrick is getting push back, Cynthia talk to Joe about is a certain size required)

2. Investigate if a 1000 gallon propane tank will fit a. Still to complete (On hold till resolve heat)

3. Examine Prices, Options: Heat system electric vs baseboard, heat pump vs hot water:

a. Still to complete

b. Met with CV Oil about putting Rinnai’s in
4. Patrick will now send receipt requests to Jay
5. Electrical load calculation being done to confirm required Electrical Service


Setup Spreadsheet: Have done a Simple One

1. As Builds for: (waiting for Patrick to give marked up drawing)

a. Underground utilities b. Updated framing plans

1. Do not dump water down the sink
2. Will have to use Portable Toilet for most of the project 3. John work on pricing Granite Stone

1. Review paying for New Water Supply Shutoffs

a. Still to complete DONE NO BILL

b. Jay gave these to Patrick Today 06.11.2019
2. Jay provide ILL Patrick will submit bill for new copper water line that replaces

the corroded galvanized water line DONE NO BILL

1. Heat and Electrical requirements and design

a. Patrick will complete this week.
b. Proposal by next Tuesday 06.18.2019

1. Jay has brand-new lights for Under Cabinet and 1 Emergency Light

a. Will sell to the project (at same price as in contract. NO increase in price) 2. Jay White pictures of Plaques to Cynthia by this Tuesday DONE Options below (Design Signs VT.com) @ $1500 brass printed on wood back

b. Colored glass

c. White background letters stand off that
d. Jay go see him at office and go over details
e. Size of small plaques, the amount, Library will provide samples to Jay
f. Maybe do an “accent wall” with these, maybe a wood background on the

wall that the plaques would mount to
3. Floor Joists are cracked or a part cut out. AGREED TO DO

a. Jay was ok with Patrick sistering new joists onto the existing cracked and cut ones

4. Library start to remove stuff from Office to make way for construction STARTED

a. Patrick hope to be in that area 2 weeks from now.
5. Jay White will tomorrow, generate a Schedule of Values separating Town vs

Library Expenses
a. Library will pay Upland based on this Schedule of Values

6. Patrick received new shop drawings for Masonry Accessories, Drainage and Clips, Lintels submit to Jay

7. Send approved shop drawings to VIS BUDGET

Original Total: 737,451.00
Proposed Change Order Dated: 4/17/2019 -5009.00
Concrete Cutting Up Charge (see Minutes): +2000.00
Upland Contingency Original: (19,550.00)
Upland Contingency Adjusted: (17,550.00)
Windows (Pella possible savings): ??
Steel beam/posts not required below Main Floor Arch (possible savings): ?? Granite Corner Stone: ??
Heat: ??
New Total: 732,442.00

Ezra Morency 603-481-3829 emorency@viscc.com VIS Construction Consultants