August 3rd Board Meeting

RML Board Meeting 

August 3, 2021

Called to order at 6:03pm


Dena Wilkie, Fran Flannery, Bridgett Taylor, Steve Hall, Phoebe Roda

Via ZOOM: Ian Devine

Consent Agenda:  motion to approve by Phoebe, seconded by Fran. All in favor except Ian who abstains 

Policy Review: Assign policy 5 & 6 for review for September’s meeting

Personnel review:
  • Pam and Tyler had their employee review & will have the paperwork completed for future assessments.
    • Employee assessment + prior system reviews
  • Plan for systems review Sept. 1
    • Sept: Dena, Bridget, Tyler & Pam 
    • Jan: Bridgett, Phoebe, Pam & Steve & Tyler
    • May: Bridget, Fran, Ian

COVID-19 Policy Update:
  • Tyler recommending mask mandate based on state health rates/risks
  • All in agreement to support Tyler’s discretion re: masking; starting immediately patrons and employees will be required to mask or will be guided to curbside

Fundraising and Community Outreach:

    Old Home Days:  26-29th of August
  • Bridgett would like a meeting closer to old Home Days for those working; decided on 8/17 at 6pm 
  • Face Painting- unsure we can do as limited volunteers, defer this year
  • Thursday: Art Bus with little blue (on the green) + Story Walk (starts at library and goes to green)
  • Friday: 12-6* will need people to tend Little blue and pop up arts: 
    •  Float making during story hour at library,  History walk & Art walk mostly at library
  • Saturdays: movies (run by Tyler)  at library
  • All days: pop up maker space
  • We are sponsoring the Art Bus, we may have to pay $$, event will be Thursday night

Friend’s meeting:  8/21/21 @ 6pm 
  • Board members try to come if they can
    • Fran and Steve will plan to be there
  • Dena recommends we write notecards to those people who have been previously interested to invite

Book club:
  • Next book will be Overstory 

Tyler leaves at 6:40 pm to go to inservice on Transgender inclusion in the library

  • Bridgett to pursue update on where selectboard stands with making sidewalks accessible

  • Steven has put up the stained glass birds
  • Board members thank Dandelion Acres for their generation of perennials
    • Dena has already given Dandelion Acres a formal written Thank you.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45pm