Board Meeting Minutes August 2023

RML Board Meeting August 1, 2023

Attending: Dena Wilkie, Ed Castner, Fran Flannery, Steve Hall, John Dumville, Bridgett Taylor, Lu Aubin, Maria Loftus, Pam Levasseur, Phoebe Roda

Called to order at 6:31 pm

1) Introductions
  1. 2)  Consent Agenda
    1. a)  June 28 minutes – approved
    2. b)  June financial reports – approved
  2. 3)  Policies, staffing and procedures
    1. a)  Welcome Lu!
    2. b)  Website –
      1. i)  Lu to take on! Updates made today
      2. ii)  Social media being managed by Pam at this time
    3. c)  Branch library –
      1. i)  Better world books not panning out
      2. ii)  Plan made to get rid of books(1) Friday August 11th at 9 am –
        (2) Will see if Roger can cart it away – Fran to check with Roger (3) Dena bring a dolly (hand truck)
  3. 4)  Fundraising and community outreach

a) Old Home Days
  1. i)  Parade – “We’re going on a Bear Hunt.” (1) Need 2 people To carry banner (2) To ride on float -(a) Binoculars (b) Vests
    (c) nets
  2. ii)  Art Bus –
    (1) Late afternoon(2) Lu can represent the library for Art Bus

b) Mailing
  1. i)  Took in $600
  2. ii)  Cost was about $120 to mail
  3. iii)  Thank you’s – about 10 needed
  4. iv)  Drop in to complete

5) Other
  1. a)  Steve’s shelf
    1. i)  Ok for shelf unit
    2. ii)  Steve estimates it will cost around $90
  2. b)  Steve suggests moving the leased printer downstairs and he presented some floor layouts.

i) Discussion around simplifying printer and copy services c) Steve suggests furniture arrangements in front lobby

i) Everyone declines changes currently and gives Lu license to make changes

d) Steve wants to loan 3D puzzles
i) Work it out with Lu and Pam
  1. e)  Lecture with Alexander Wolff (author of Endpapers) in the Fall
  2. f)  Fran made $160 at the Rest stop on 7/4
  3. g)  Soup Fundraiseri) 10/28 11-2pm
    ii) Stick with chicken stew, red lentil and consider a 3rd (tomato soup)
  4. h)  Ed would like to have a party!

i) Ed will get back to us with dates – 8/26? 9/2?

6) Welcome party for Lu
a) September 9/9/23 Introducing Lu

Adjourned 7:47 p.m.