Board Meeting Minutes September 2023

RML Board Meeting September Tuesday 9/5/23

Attending: Bridgett Taylor, Fran Flannery, Phoebe Roda, Maria Loftus, Ed Castner, Steve Hall, Dena Wilkie (secretary), Lu Aubin

Called to order at 6:35 p.m.
Consent Agenda – motion to accept by Ed, second Maria, all in favor
  1. a)  August minutes
  2. b)  July/August financial reports
  3. c)  September Director’s report
  1. 2)  Fundraising and community outreach
    1. a)  Winter/holiday mailing schedule
      1. i)  Letter drafted by end of September by the board (1) Bridgett
      2. ii)  Need to do thank you letters from spring mailing
    2. b)  Memorial donations –
      1. i)  Do we have a procedure for accepting memorial donations? (1) Letter to the family(2) Letter to the donor(3) Currently done by Pam
      2. ii)  Make sure Lu understands the process for obtaining plaques
    3. c)  Soup Fundraiser –
      1. i)  10/28 Soup Fundraiser (11-2)
      2. ii)  Lentil and Chicken Stew
      3. iii)  Need pre-order sign up on website – end it on Thursday –
      4. iv)  One google sheet in one spot
      5. v)  Sign up sheet – Dena will send out, Dena to buy gluten free rolls
  2. 3)  Policies, staffing and procedures
    1. a)  Branch library update
    2. b)  Accountant update

i) Promising, ongoing

c) Monday/’off day’ holidays
  1. i)  We need a policy
  2. ii)  All agreed to give full-time and permanent part-time employees a float day off for Monday holidays(1) the time frame within which the employee must take the float day (a) Policy proposed(b) Afloatdaywillbegiventofulltimeandpermanent part-time employees for Monday holidays, to be used within the fiscal year of July 1-June 30th.

(i) Dena made a motion, Ed made the second motion, all in favor.

(c) Retroactively applied to Labor Day 9/4/23. iii) Need to update Holiday List

(1) Columbus Day becomes Indigenous People Day
(2) Discussion re: adding Juneteenth and Veteran’s Day (3) Discuss further at next board meeting

4) Other business
a) Steve presented pricing options for the cork board

i) Options for purchase delegated to Pam and Lu b) Steve revisited moving the printer/copier

i) Need to get printer/copier company McGee here to assess best locations and move it

(1) Key Communications – did wiring for the building c) Cleaners are now coming again every other Monday….

Adjourned regular meeting at 7:25 p.m.