Board Meeting Minutes October 2023

Royalton Memorial Library Board of Trustees Meeting Tuesday, October 3, 6:30 PM

At Royalton Memorial Library or via Zoom

Attending: Ed Castner, John Dumville, Phoebe Roda, Fran Flannery, Steven Hall, Lu Aubin, Maria Loftus, Dena Wilkie, Pam Levasseur

Called to order: 6:30 pm
  1. 1)  Consent Agenda – motion by Phoebe, all in favor
    1. a)  August minutes
    2. b)  July & August financial reports
    3. c)  September Director’s report
  2. 2)  Fundraising and community outreach
    1. a)  Winter/holiday mailing – all in favor to approve draft of letter
    2. b)  Soup preparation – TO DO list updated, see google doc.
  3. 3)  Policies, staffing and procedures

a) Policy review: Internet Access, Art & Craft Exhibits, Policy revision

i) Formatting changes, otherwise no changes.
  1. b)  Holiday policy update
    1. i)  Change Columbus Day to Indigenous people day; motion by Fran, seconded by Dena, all in favor
    2. ii)  Motion to include Juneteenth in our list of paid holidays –
      (1) Declined to make motion as Board wants to create programmingfor Juneteenth.
  2. c)  Monday project management tool
    1. i)  Declined to move forward due to cost
    2. ii)  Lu created a google master Doc(1) Board likes the organization so far(2) Will trial
  3. d)  Evaluation planning
    1. i)  Steve has the documents for review/evaluation
    2. ii)  First time will be in November
  4. e)  Budget planning

i) Reviewed

ii) Will defer approval until next month

4) Other business a) Friends

i) Dena will ask Adrienne Dumas to be a friend – (1) ? Kat, VLS (?)

(2) Requesting board members reach out and talk to people in the community to ask…

b) Herald-
i) Return to submitting article in the Herald

c) Book Club
  1. i)  Harlem Shuffle by Colin Whitehead
  2. ii)  Endpapers
    (1) 2 weeks to get it -(2) Dena will email Alex and tentatively plan for January/February

Adjourned 7:49 p.m.