Library Board minutes 12.3.2019

Attending: Theresa Manning, Phoebe Roda, Tyler Strong, Cynthia Dalrymple, John Dumville, Bridgett Taylor

Meeting called to order at 5:42. November minutes approved.

Librarian report: Dungeons and Dragons and storytime are continuing. Library’s belongings are stored and Tyler has established a volunteer list for next moving session.
Joyce Amsden event - participants decided to wait until the library is open. Tyler will be putting together an adult publishing program.

Tyler is working to recatalog fiction/YA/juvenile fiction, layout will influence some of these choices but there is a plan in place. Key is installing new phone lines tomorrow.
Tyler is continuing to focus on state certification while library is closed.
Chris and Tyler have put together a draft of a second 90-second tour and Tyler will be contacting Kat [name] to do some photos of the interior as it comes together.

Discussed Annual Appeal edits. Tyler will finish this week, gather materials and let Boardknow when we will have signing/stuffing party.

Construction plan is to have all inspections done this month for our Certificate of Occupancy. We can have a ‘soft opening’ in mid- to late January and actual grand opening/tour party in mid- February.

Tentative day for Grand Opening Saturday 2/15, 10 am - 4 pm
Tyler has received applications for the Assistant Librarian position.
Logo: Board reviewed a new design and Bridgett will be getting feedback to Chris. Meeting concluded at 6:32 pm.